Saturday, 5 November 2011

Ambition at Any Cost?

The Organization
Scenario 1
Scene 1                 Out of office meeting
Character 1:        “I heard of the decision that was made regarding a certain position that I’ve been thinking of for a while now.”
Character 2:        Really?
Character 1:        Are you sure about the choice you guys have made?
Character 2:        Well, he seems to have the right temperament for the job.  He’s a nice guy.
Character 1:        But will he take anything new to the table?  I mean, he’s been in that department for a while now, albeit not at the head, but have you felt his presence?  There are few things I’d change about that department as it is.  Sure, he’s a nice guy, but does he have the strength to push through the necessary changes desired?  I know that he doesn’t have the administrative exposure that I have, and I’m not so sure that he will be able to bring about the desired change.
Character 2:        Hmm, the board has already decided on a course, but you never know what can happen.  Let’s see.
Scene 2                 Out of office run-in
Character 1:        Hey, how are you doing?
Character 3:        Hey, I’m fine.  You?
Character 1:        Doing great.  Say, how long have you been in your department?
Character 3:        A few years now.  Why?
Character 1:        No, I was just wondering if you are comfortable in that department.  You do seem a bit overwhelmed, and I do notice a few things that are kind of slipping out of your control.
Character 3:        Yeah, like what?
Character 1:        It’s quite a bit actually, and I wouldn’t really have the time. It would be easier for me to just do the job. But a few of us were talking though and we think that you would probably do better somewhere else.  Certain roles are better left for certain people.  You know what I mean?
Character 3:        Yeah, I do.  Anyway, have a good day.
Scene 3:                Chairman’s office
Character 4:        The board met and decided to ask you to take over operations in your department.  Are you up for the job?
Character 3:        Funny that you should say that, because I was thinking that maybe I really ought to be heading out instead of heading up.  I’ll be straight with you, I have no doubt that I can do the job, but I have little taste for the sort of political wrangling that would obtain once I assume this position.  Money and position cannot buy peace of mind.  I don’t think I’ll accept.
Character 4:        I do understand where you are coming from, but why don’t you sleep on it and give me your final answer in the morning.
Character 3:        I don’t think I’ll have a change of heart, but sure, I’ll sleep on it.
Scene 4:                Chairman’s office the next morning
Character 3:        I discussed it with my family, we prayed about it and the decision remains – I appreciate the offer, but I will not accept.  I’m sure you’ll find someone else who is willing.
Character 4:        You know, for the very reason that you will not accept is why I think you are the perfect person for the job, but do what your heart tells you to do.
Scene 5:                In the boardroom
Character 4:        Character 3 has declined so the floor is now open for nominations.
Character2:         Mr. Chairman I beg to nominate Character 1.  It is his area of expertise, he has the requisite administrative experience, and I do believe he has the mettle to bring about the needed reform.  I don’t know why we never thought of him before.
Character 4:        All in favour of Character 1… it is carried.

How far will you go to get your heart’s desire?  How far have you gone to get where you are today?  And mind you there are so many other self-compromising ways to get where you want to go.  Is it worth it…at any cost?