Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mens Sana in Copora Sano

You are finally a university scholar, and the fact that Juvenal an ancient Roman poet said we need ‘Mens Sana in Copora Sano’ (a sound mind in a sound body) means very little to you for it’s all latin; finally, you are out the house and you can decide what suits your life. You will be seeing less of your parents; therefore, you may steer your life in any desired direction. In whatever you do be sure not to compromise your Christian values, beliefs, and practices. Believe it or not, those Christian values and practices include health. Indeed, maintaining a healthy lifestyle while hitting the books is critical during your tenure in university. In spite of the inherent challenges many university students face in trying to keep fit, it is possible to maintain excellent health even for a busy university student. Consuming healthy foods, maintaining an active lifestyle, and getting adequate rest ought to help you to produce A’s and B’s. 
A balanced diet is vital, so make the right choices. Failure to make the right choices will not only lead to poor health but also a mediocre academic performance.  According to the web article, ‘College Eating and Fitness 101’, food is the fuel your brain needs to help you think. Like cellular phones, the brain needs to be charged so that it can work efficiently.  If you skip a meal, you may have trouble concentrating during class. Even if you can't sit down for a full meal, pack a healthy portable snack such as fruit, trail mix, a granola or energy bar, or a sandwich.  
While maintaining proper eating habits is important, it is not enough to sustain the health of a university student. By exercising regularly you will be able to stay energised and upbeat. The article, Tips for College Students on How to Stay Healthy at College, explains that exercise can relieve the daily stress of tests, quizzes, exams, and grades. You can get help at the gym if you are uncertain about the types of exercises that are suitable for you. Membership at the gym is absolutely free so there is no reason for you to avoid exercise. 
Additionally, rest is paramount for outstanding academic performance. Blow dryers can overheat if they are not turned off occasionally during drying. The same applies to university students and studying. According to ‘Tips for College Students on How to Stay Healthy at College’, studying and retaining information can become much more difficult with little or no sleep. While many think that sleep can be made up later, it can really affect a student's performance in just about everything he or she does. A Vegetarian Cookbook and Better Living Guide agrees that the body needs adequate rest along with hard work and exercise. It explains that during the sleeping hours, the body is repaired and invigorated for another day. The practice of pulling ‘all-nighters’ which is a common practice for many college students is also a common route to poor health.  
Now that you understand how to monitor your food intake, the importance of exercise and the need for adequate rest you should be able to perform well. The four or more years at university should be spent well so that you can benefit academically. By following these simple guidelines you will increase your chances of graduating with honours.