Friday, 28 December 2012

Of Jealousy, Ego, and Godly Parents: 1 Samuel 20 (Revived by His Word)

The chapter opens up with some very loaded questions that are replete with the rhetoric of the rationale for sin... NONE.  David was innocent; God is innocent of the insinuations produced by our resistance of Him as sovereign LORD of our lives.  It was Saul's jealousy and misplaced ego, much like it was Satan’s that led him to pursue David with a malicious mind to murder.  An amazing twist to the interlocking themes of the stories of David and Saul and of Christ and Satan is that Satan seemed to have reaped greater success in his efforts in that he did actually kill Christ.  But what started out as a dream come true, became Satan's worst nightmare - he lost the keys to death and hell.  Hence, the souls of those he would have kept in the hopeless captivity of death and the grave would live again, because they accepted the risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

So the miserable end of Saul does accurately depict the certain end that awaits Satan and his affiliates.  May the LORD of Heaven help us choose our association wisely.

We should note however, that although Jonathan eventually died in battle with Saul his father, he still represents those who side with Christ.  Many of Christ's followers will suffer privation and martyrdom, but as it will be for Jonathan's son later in the story is what it will be for believers in Christ - we will sit at the banquet table of our Lord.

But not to be missed in this story is the fact that although God treats us as separate individuals and expects us to make our own choices - much like Jonathan chose not to follow his father, the choices of parents still impact the future of their children; Jonathan died in battle with Saul, but his son mephibosheth did enjoy the good fortunes of his relationship with David.

I know that I've reaped many great benefits from my mother's relationship with Christ.  Thank God for godly parents!

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