Monday, 26 August 2013

Revelation’s Duo

Different nations of the world may use different words to describe the sun (el sol-Spanish, sonne-German, etc.). Barring some temperature differences and frequency with which some parts of the world actually sees the sun, we all feel and see it, and we all can compare notes on how it impacts us. In the sun, as in everything in nature God has special messages for us. Sin has interrupted the communication lines through nature and leaves us with a lot of uncertainty, which uncertainty the Word of God explains. In Psalm 19 David affirms that between nature and the Word of God a sufficient knowledge of God may be ascertained. How does that work?

You know what they say, "The proof is in the tasting of the pudding." It is interesting to observe how this dueting of nature and revelation came full circle in the story recorded in Acts 17:

In Athens Paul discovers an altar dedicated to the "UNKNOWN GOD," (verse 23). Of all the gods there were they somehow knew that a certain detail was missing; there must be another source... being... God somewhere.... So when Paul came and declared the Word of God, something clicked inside for many of them. Granted, some when the heard of the resurrection mocked; but there were those whose interests were piqued and they wanted to hear more (verse 32). And, praise the Lord, some needed no further discussion, but readily accepted, "Howbeit certain men clave unto him, and believed: among the which was Dionysius the Areopagite, and a woman named Damaris, and others with them," (verse 34).

Our loving Father in Heaven, thank you for Your Words, and for the great lesson book of nature that convey to us the precious knowledge of the You, "Whom to know is life eternal." Today we rejoice and pledge to "Let the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, for You are our strength and our Redeemer," (paraphrased). Amen.

This reading is based on Psalm 19.  To read and/or listen to Psalm 19 and to read other related blogs, please click here.