Monday, 14 May 2012

I Only Followed Orders: Oh Really?

Do you suppose that in every instance where an individual becomes culpable in a fraud case it necessarily originated with that individual?  To what extent do you think some might have just been caught and carried away in a current of corruption?

Granted, some individuals are sometimes only too happy to hop on to a gravy train and would kid themselves that they are not culpable (they were only following instructions).  Well, the precedence has already been set, and the word is clear: notwithstanding instructions coming down to you, you will be held responsible for actions that you should reasonably know better than to do.

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A positive pattern to follow - file

Another defence or justification that some individuals offer for their involvement in a corruption ring is that they have their mortgages, or kids in school, or the simple fact that a job is a precious commodity, and they couldn’t risk losing it.
Again, the law is clear: you are responsible for what you do.  There is no hiding behind anything or anyone to escape assuming responsibility for all we do.  Of course, we may do things that no one ever did seem to find out about, and we’re never held culpable in this life for, but….

There is another hearing in another court, a much higher court that we all must attend.  Interestingly too the same kinds of defences may be staged as we defend our actions.  But much like earthly courts in Heaven’s court everyone is held responsible for what they do.  But a difference with this higher court is that it addresses issues that are not within the purview of earthly courts to adjudicate on: as Samuel puts it, “Man looks on the outward display; God looks at the heart.” 1Sam 16: 7.  You are responsible for all you do, so do what will bring the consequences you will be happy with.