Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Impact of the Lack of Preparation

What if? A question asked by many individuals around the world. The question of what if usually follows subsequent to a bad decision that was previously made. Often, decisions are made without thinking them through. Hence, many individuals usually experience what is known as “the after effect”. The lack of preparation can be quite detrimental in some instances. So what is the effect of the lack of preparation and what effects does it have on the body? What strategies can used to ensure that you are prepared?

Many individuals tend to procrastinate when there is alot of work to be done. They usually occupy their time with other less important tasks such as: checking an email, watching a movie, or visiting a friend. These behaviours usually negatively affect the individual. Their character may be defamed, someone’s life could be threatened, (or in the case of students) they may fail their courses. In some cases, individuals lose their jobs due their lack of responsibility. The lack of preparation does not just affect us mentally; it also affects us physically.

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The anxiety of worrying about an overdue assignment coupled with an upcoming sectional can be quite stressful to an individual. Whenever the body is stressed a chemical called cortisol is produced. This chemical has been shown to destroy brain cells. It also contributes to weight gain (usually around the mid-section). This accumulation of weight around the mid-section can render an individual susceptible to heart disease. Stress can also cause dilation of blood vessels, enlargement of pupils, increased production of sweat, increased heart and breathing rate, and slow down the metabolic rate.

Here at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) another spring semester has come to an end. Many students are currently revising for their final examinations. Some are certain of that “A”, while others are struggling to get at least a “C”. At the end of each semester you will come across students whom have not completed all the required assignments for a particular course. This is as a result of their lack of preparation.
Many students failed to prioritize their tasks throughout the semester. They will testify of having a procrastination problem. As a result, you will observe them “scattering around” to get that assignment in. In most cases, their immune system becomes overwhelmed with stress, thereby decreasing its ability to fight off microorganisms and viruses. As a result, students often develop the common cold during exams.

Though there are individuals who fail to prepare themselves, there are those who utilize various strategies which enable them to be prepared. In order to be prepared one must ensure that he/she understands what is to be done. Always have systematic plan or goal. What is it that you would like to get achieved? How can it be achieved? What steps or measures can be taken to ensure it is achieved? Once you have answered all these questions, draft a checklist that can be used to guarantee that all the requirements have been fulfilled. Whatever the situation may be, I am certain that you will be more than prepared to take on the task.

Mikki Clarke