Thursday, 11 October 2012

The 4G Twist

The thing I like most about my 4G wireless modem is that I can take it pretty everywhere I go these days.  And given appropriate conditions, it can almost work… anywhere!  Unfortunately though the conditions aren’t always right, and so I don’t always have Internet connection.  But that isn’t the 4G I really want to talk about.  There is another one that is even more amazing, it’s free, and it works… everywhere!

This is a four-dimensional character composite the covers ones relationship with others, self, and most importantly, God.  There are four words that encapsulate these ideas: gratitude, generosity, gumption, and Godlikeness.

Gratitude and generosity address ones relationship with others.  Gratitude speaks to being constantly aware and appreciative of the value that others bring to your life.  With this attitude you’ll complain less, you’ll be less stressed, and you’ll always see the glass half-full as opposed to being half-empty.

Generosity is the value you bring to others; the offering of yourself through your resources to others.  Coupled with gratitude then we’ll have the makings of a great community.  The only thing that was not good during the creation week was that man was at some point alone.  God made us for community.  Generosity makes for a better community.

Gumption addresses issues of self-esteem and the commitment to making the best of one’s self.  It speaks to the tenacity with which one is committed to established personal goals.  With respect to gratitude and generosity, gumption makes the best of opportunities others offer, even as it does so to empower one to be of greater useful service to others.  Gumption takes, remakes and gives.

Godlikeness is the final dimension to this 4G technology composite.  Godlikeness is the virtue of being like God: affirmative and gracious, kind and good, all knowing and all powerful.  These are not natural human characteristics, but when the Spirit of God dwells within, we become like God.  Philippians 4: 13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Through Christ I can be grateful, generous, and can manifest gumption - all accomplished to a level that is God-like in its proportions.  It is available for all people everywhere and it’s – well it’s not exactly free.  You will have to at least be willing to submit to God’s leading.