Friday, 4 January 2013

Dissecting David’s Device - Revived by His Word – 1 Samuel 27

Dissecting David’s Device – A Different Perspective
 Either this represents an abject lack of faith, or it's a brilliant ploy by David to exist below the radar of suspicion of both Saul, king of Israel and Achish, king of the Philistines - even as he accomplishes God's will.  Could this open to us the mystery to David's military genius?  After all, there is an established correlation between ones natural and honed abilities and what God has been able to accomplish through them.  Mind you, having the right attitude has always been important to be used by God.

Those who would win souls must be wise in assuming a position and posture that puts to rest the fears and suspicion of those who would otherwise object to establishment of God's will.  

Saul Relaxes at David’s Departure
What a tragedy that Saul's peace of mind comes only when David is no longer living in Israel.  Are we any better when we push people away from the Church with our self-righteous/holier-than-thou attitude?  I suspect that some persons desire to hear that what they are doing is right, when it is clearly wrong, we must never compromise of truth.  But we must be concerned about what it is that they see more strongly - condemnation or love?  The woman caught in the very act of adultery was not rebuked by Christ, but was rather assured by Him, "neither do I condemn thee." John 8:11.

David living with the Philistines
Herein lies an insight into how we may practically exist in a world that is not exactly "Christian friendly."  Not only did David have refuge, but he was able to negotiate an "ideal" place to live.  The trick here is that David did not come empty-handed, but brought value to the Philistines.  On the job scene SDAs must learn how to bring value to their employers to the extent that they (SDAs) will be able to negotiate on work duties and hours.

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