Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Maintain increased security presence and patrolling

The high levels of crime and the vicious incidents are having a negative effect on the progress of our country. The inhumane and barbaric incidents have left the decent citizens of Jamaica in shock. The criminals are ruthless and carefree and they attack both the law-abiding members of the society as well as those who are lawless. The criminals are taking the war to our law-keepers and protectors of the people.
The recent incidents of crime have had severe negative effects on individuals and the citizens are asking what next and who next. The security forces are to be commended for their vigilance and they must not be discouraged. Sustained policing and patrolling are key to dealing with the rise in crime. Constant patrolling reduces the opportunities for crime.
Each time there is calm within communities, the criminals resurface. The security forces and army personnel must be given the financial support to have constant patrols in public and private communities, as well as in commercial districts. This strategy is vital to deter criminals from taking over the country.
Approximately 12-36 months ago, crime decreased significantly and many nights, I could see patrol cars cruising in our communities. If the security forces do not monitor the public and private places, the criminals will take over. The police must keep up the pressure on criminals because once there is space for lawlessness, the criminals will try to turn the tables. The series of attacks on policemen is evidence of their determination to upset the peace and to drive fear in the citizens of Jamaica.
Someone visited Paris recently and asked why there were so many security officers on the road. The answer was that they were there to keep the peace. The statement that followed was that if they were not present, there would be chaos and confusion.
Everyone should play their part
It takes resources to maintain an increased security presence and constant patrolling, but maintaining peace and stemming the tide of crime is important for nation building and productivity. Citizens who know of wrongdoers should call the police emergency contact lines and report individuals who are suspected of carrying out illegal and criminal activities. This cooperation is vital for success in preventing and confronting crime.
If we allow atrocities to happen around us and act unconcerned, soon, the vicious acts will knock on our doors. We have to work together to overpower the perpetrators of evil and restore our country to peace and tranquility. All civil and law-abiding Jamaicans, let us come together and work with the security forces to stop the rising tide of vicious crimes in our society.
Professor Paul Gyles, PhD
Associate Vice-President
Graduate Studies and Research
Northern Caribbean University