Thursday, 3 October 2013

Knowing your child's learning style

 What does it mean that each child has a personal learning style?
A. Learning styles means that we all have a different way of thinking and understanding. Some of us learn best by seeing, others by hearing and others by touch. When you understand your child's strengths in learning, it will place you in a better position to help your child.

Q How can I help my child with homework using the learning styles?
A. If your child learns well by seeing, using flash cards for learning new words will help that child. If your child learns well by hearing, getting rid of noise during study time will help this child. If your child learns well by touch, encourage this child to make items to reinforce things they are learning.

Q How can I build mychild's sense of esteem?
A. You can build your child's sense of esteem by finding your child's special talent and encouraging it, not forcing it. If your child hugs you, hug him/her back, even if you don't understand why. Listen to your child and make sure he or she has stopped talking before you respond. If the phone rings, tell the person to call you back. Remember they grow up very quickly, enjoy the moments when they have time to talk with you.

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She is a graduate of Mico Teachers’ College, University of the West Indies and Howard University where she gained a Diploma in Special Education, A Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Administration, and Masters’ and Doctoral degrees in School Psychology.  Dr. Brown Earle currently practices child psychology and family therapy with offices in Mandeville and Montego Bay.  She provides training and professional development activities for many organizations.  She has worked in the field of psychology in the United States of America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Brown Earle is also a psychologist, educator and mother who believes that the spiritual welfare of persons is the most important aspect of life.

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