Monday, 20 February 2012

Destined For Greatness

One day I was going about my usual business on campus when I met one of the University’s Vice President. In exchanging pleasantries I asked him how he was doing. After he responded, I asked him how was Northern Caribbean University (NCU). As for the University he said that NCU was destined for greatness. We both smiled, for at that time NCU was going through a rough period and he knew that I was not expecting such a diplomatic response.   

I thought about the response for a while before admitting that indeed Northern Caribbean University is a force to reckon with; destined for greatness. Ever since that day, as I pass each colleague, each worker, each student, each administrator, I became even more cognizant of the fact that if NCU is going to achieve the great heights for which it is destined each one must know and understand his or her role and must also execute that role with excellence.

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I am certain, that no institution can attain greatness without its people for it is the people within the institution that will make or break it or move it from ‘good to great’.  One way to help the University to achieve its full potential is to focus on the purpose for which it was established. Should any of you forget, let me remind you that this University was not built by man. This is a Christian organization, built on solid foundations that came into existence because inspired men of God saw the need to establish a training school for workers in the Lord’s Army.

Some of you are new and may not know the history of my Alma Mater, so I am inviting all the ‘new kids’ on the block, to conduct a study on the history of NCU. I also challenge you to enroll as a committed candidate who will help NCU to grow from ‘good to great’ as we were admonished.  

Incidentally, we are in the month of February, when we celebrate Black History and also remember the great Jamaican singer, (Robert Nesta Marley).  Wouldn’t you agree that this is an opportune time to reflect on our history, for as Marley posited in his song “If you don’t know your past, you don’t know your future”. 

 Jacqueline Champier, Behavioural Sciences Department