Friday, 17 February 2012

What Do You Do When Tragedy Strikes?

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The labour pains of tragedies often birth testimonies that are delivered by God.  In order for this to happen though the tragedy must first come your way.  It is then however that you’ll be most tempted to question God – His love, His providence, His care; you’ll ask why.  You’re tempted to think that if you were God, you’d have done things otherwise; you’d stop the thief from coming in; you’d prevent the accident from occurring; you’d save the house from fire; you’d…; you’d…; you’d….  Do better than God?  Hardly.  But it sure is a tempting thought.
Here a few interesting facts that often surround the occurrence of a tragedy:
1.                    Friends and well-wishers show up and you discover how much you are loved, and that there is still a lot of good left in people
2.                    You learn certain lessons that prepare you to avert an even greater future disaster
a.       Drive more carefully
b.      Be more security conscious – where you live, how you move about, the kinds of friends you keep, being constantly aware of your environment
c.       Make more money
d.      Store critical telephone numbers (emergency numbers, friends or acquaintances who can offer assistance, etc.)
e.      Keep your phone charged, and always have emergency credit
3.                    You prayed and though not necessarily the answer you’re looking for, God does answer

What happens after the fact?
   1. Thank God you survived – albeit that you are traumatized.
   2. Acknowledge the friends and others that show up – this helps you to know that you are not ALONE
   3. Exhaust your feelings about the situation – get counselling if necessary
   4. Take steps to implement the necessary measures related to the lessons learned
   5. While there is still good in a lot of people, there are bad people in the world, it’s not your fault that someone chose to do something bad – DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF FOR PEOPLE’S SIN – just be aware of them.
   6. All things work together for the good of those who love God – ALWAYS TRUST HIM
   7. Remember that Satan moves (tragedy), then God moves (testimony/miracle) – wait on the Lord, joy is on the way.