Friday, 20 April 2012

How Buildings Could Come to Life

Everyday a child is born. With each passing moment lives are created and destroyed. It is estimated that by 2050, the population of cities around the world will triple. So how will we adjust to the rising increase in population? How are we going to provide adequate space to accommodate this growing population? To facilitate a sustainable architecture, a concept called “bio-mimickery” has been developed. This idea stemmed from the concept of “designs copying nature.” Let me introduce you to the emerging technologies of sustainable architecture.

Biology is being merged with traditional architecture. Buildings are now built with sensor technology, that allows the building to detect how many persons are inside, and it knows how to adjust the temperature. In Barcelona, this technology is used with a light sensitive mechanism which adjusts to protect those inside and help moderate the temperature. Green roofs and walls are being integrated in buildings to allow those who live in the buildings to enjoy a healthier environment. 

Philip Beesely, a professor in architecture at Waterloo, imagines a new generation of responsive buildings that act as an immersive interactive installation able to move and breathe alongside their occupants. Mr. Beesley explains that “deeply defused, hovering clouds of materials that work together in very delicate ways will be a part of the structure of the buildings. However when these materials are compressed these materials will be used as roofs and walls that breathe and filter light and process materials in the atmosphere that may harm the occupants.” These intelligent buildings will sense how they are used. For example the building may sense when a carpet needs to be changed, it would then adjust the light to encourage persons to walk a different route. Quite fascinating isn’t it?

With each day that goes by, the human mind goes to work exploring the world of endless possibilities. Different solutions are generated to improve the living standards of each of citizen. Alternate measures are tested in clinical trials to reduce cancer cells, and to figure out how Alzheimer’s slowly takes over the body, and to generate memory cells to improve the functioning of the pancreas in secreting insulin.

Our creative nature has led us to use knowledge in many innovative ways all over the world. God has created each us with extraordinary gifts and talents. What subject area are you good at? What fuels your adrenaline rush? Don’t just sit around on a talent or exceptional gift that you may possess, use it. Use this talent to glorify your Father who is in heaven and also to help those in need. Always find suitable ways to provide help to those less fortunate than yourself.
Be a part of something worthwhile today. Volunteer some of those “video game times” and the time spent sitting around the computer browsing the internet to a non-profit organization. Make a difference in someone’s life while you can. Become an ambassador of change.

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Mikki Clarke