Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Just One Touch

Can you imagine being scorned and ostracized from society? And Jesus said, “Who touched me?” When all denied doing so, Peter and they that were with Him said, “Master, the multitude throng thee and press thee, and sayest thou, who touched me?” (Luke 8 vs. 45). At some point in our lives we all long for that special touch. Some desire a touch from a loved one, while others long to be filled with the presence of God. With just a touch of the border of His garment, immediately the woman with the issue of blood was healed.

A certain woman suffered from a slow haemorrhage for twelve years. She had visited many physicians, but none of them could heal her. According to the Mosaic Law this woman was considered unclean. Can you imagine how friends, family, and onlookers treated her? Despite being rejected by society she took the leap of faith with this man. “Just a touch of the hem of His garment could heal me from my illness,” she thought. The good news is that it wasn’t only the virtue of Jesus that made possible this woman's healing, her faith also made her whole. The Bible points out that “ is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Having heard of this man who could heal the sick, raise the dead and feed the multitude, this woman could not allow this opportunity to pass. Through faith, her illness of twelve years was cured.

As Christians we have illnesses that need immediate attention. We hope for a change, a miracle, even a break-through; but we oftentimes forget to activate our faith. Without gas a car cannot move, without electricity some of our appliances won't work. Faith, prayer, and fasting are spiritual practices that play a role in our deliverance. Faith is likened unto a mustard seed. The mustard seed is the least of all seeds, but when it grows, it is the greatest among herbs, and it becomes a tree which even facilitates rest for birds. So too irrespective of how small our faith might be, placed in God, it allows mountains to be moved. It is not our faith that moves the mountain: God moves the mountain in honouring our faith in Him.

When faith, prayer, and fasting are tripled together, our minds cannot fathom the plethora of wonders that may result from this union. Our tiny faith watered by prayer, fasting, and reading His words, will grow as we experience triumphs in Christ, and His sustenance in trials. 

Make the bold step today. Reach out and touch the hem of His garment. He is awaiting you. Come join us on the road to success at Northern Caribbean University as you experience your journey of faith. 

Mikki Clarke