Monday, 2 April 2012

What men want

EVERY man wants an attractive woman, but a good man wants more than that. A good man wants a woman who can think and reason well, not just one who tickles his fancy. He wants a woman who knows herself and what she is about. Those who have mastered the art of knowing what men want are usually the ones who score big with men.

If you are tired of scoring low grades and you want to learn how to score big with men, here goes:

1. A man wants a woman with a brain. Do not be like those women who take submission to another level, so that instead of using their brains, they act dumb and leave the men to make all the decisions and to call the shots. A man wants a woman to help him, to take some of the stresses off his shoulders. In other words, he wants you to complement him. Do not just show him that you are beautiful, show him that you are smart as well.

2 . A man wants a woman with a heart . No man wants a woman who is cold and harsh. As a woman, he expects that you will display an affectionate and caring nature. Do not be too brash or too blunt, show your finer qualities and let him see that you are more than a woman. Show him that you are a lady.

3. A man wants to be loved. Sometimes women form the wrong opinions, believing that men are tough and are not interested in lots of love and affection. This is not true, men love to be pampered, they want to feel special, they want to give love and in return, they want to be loved.

4. A man wants a helpmate. It does not matter how career oriented you are as a woman, or how many helpers you can afford to pay or what you can or cannot do in the home. The fact of the matter is that there are some things that a man does not want his helper to do for him and he might not tell you. Anyway, the nature of a man is that he believes that some personal things should be done by the woman who wears his ring.

5. A man wants to live in peace and contentment. Some women excel at being physically beautiful but regarding a good personality, they are really lacking. No matter how beautiful you may be, if your personality turns him off, he will not even see your physical beauty. Remember that beauty is more than skin deep, so as you work on the outer beauty, work also on the inner beauty, it is very important.

Jacqueline Champier is a counselling psychologist from Mandeville.