Monday, 18 March 2013

Firewalls, Homepages and Fidelity – Reflections on 2 Kings 23 (RBHW)

The chapter deals with the discovery of the Word of God that came to king Josiah’s attention.  Realizing how far Judah had drifted from God’s ideals, Josiah gets to work on a major reformation programme of eradicating all traces of idolatry from the land.  His extensive work was however not enough to prevent the onslaught of judgement on the nation.  And little wonder indeed that Judah was yet judged, given that Josiah’s to immediate successors did evil in the sight of the Lord, notwithstanding Josiah’s example.

Firewalls and Homepages
The sincere and prayerful reading of the Word of God carries with it a cleansing effect; courage is infused in the life of the reader and idols are torn down. Bad habits tend to perish, where good ones are born; tastes are redefined.

Reading the Word is like visiting certain websites that if you don't have firewall protection will automatically load certain programmes on your computer. Sometimes your homepage is involuntarily changed on your browsers. And in many instances the usual functionality of your computer is compromised. The Word of God, read without the firewall of doubt and indifference will install the image of God in us. It will also affect our usual sinful functionality. Then at length the Bible will become our homepage; the point of reference for every decision made in our lives.

Although it's important that parents lead exemplary lives, fidelity to God is not something that is bequeathed, as is a throne or an estate. Each of us must make that personal decision to follow God. At best we can only hope to at least positively influence a decision. To that end, we must endeavour to give it our best shot as parents, as teachers, as mentors... as Christians. So like Paul, we may, "save some." Rom. 11: 14; 1 Cor. 9: 22.

Lord, this is why we are certain that You have sanctioned this programme of daily reading the Word of RBHW. Please remove from every reader all tendencies of doubt and indifference. And may the power of Your Word be able to do its special work in each of us we pray, in Jesus' name, amen.

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