Thursday, 28 March 2013

If Words Were Arrows: 1 Chronicles 8 (RBHW)

Benjamin's descendants, from king Saul onward, were known for their skill in archery and battle.
Our abundant utterances through the spoken and written word are often like arrows flying all around in mid air. These utterances can do either tremendous good or great harm. Thank God, the potential for good increases to the extent that our vocabularies are informed by the Word of God.

There was a time when SDAs were known as a "people of the Book." O how I hope and pray that what we're seeing with RBHW will snowball into what will be for us in this generation, "the SDA Renaissance." I do feel like we're onto something. This will certainly improve our expressions and potential for advancing the cause of our God.
Lord, please help us to become skilful in the use of Your Words to guide our thoughts, our words, and our actions. And as arrows have traditionally been used to hit human targets, light fires, and convey messages, may our words (arrows) only affect persons to the extent that the "old man of sin" is what perishes. May our words set ablaze the corrupt systems of the world, even as they convey life through the message of hope of Salvation in Jesus Christ. This we ask in His name, amen.

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