Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Litmus of Sarcasm: 2 Kings 10 (RBHW)

Especially based on the first letter written by Jehu, I'd title this chapter, "The Litmus of Sarcasm"
At the risk of appearing trivial, and to appear as if I have a bone to pick I'll ask a question that will take us down an unexpected path perhaps. But is this where so many of our womenfolk learned this ploy of setting verbal traps for their menfolk? I’ve seen it happen so often where when a woman feels threatened by another, she would go down a route of “complimenting” her “rival” in the presence of her mate – just to see what he will say. And MERCY if you’re not forthright, as a man, in affirming her (your wife/special friend) at that point. Better yet, it would be most helpful if you could also articulate why it would be less than a good deal to be with the “threat.” Sometimes the male may not even get an opportunity to raise a defence; he’s just attacked, because a potential rival just walked by.

Rationale for this behaviour

Sometimes this happens because of the history between the two persons.
It could be that it happened to a friend, and she just wants to make sure about her situation.
This could also be baggage from a previous relationship, where her mate cheated constantly.
What do you do as a man?
If you’re guilty, quit cheating. Easier said than done, but with God it is possible.
If you’re innocent, just understand that she needs reassurance – give it lavishly; don’t judge her, just love her anyway. A good thing would be to also not wait on her to ask for reassurance, give it even when she doesn’t ask. When you’re apart, talk as often as is possible (given the constraints of work, etc).
Don’t be nagging – dripping water can drive a good man insane. Don’t drive him away, especially if he’s innocent.
Don’t make accusations on assumptions. Mind you, if you have uncertainties you must seek answers. Just be civil about it.
Relationships are more than dollars and cents, but that is an important dimension. Make sure that, as far as possible, you enjoy a certain level of independence, which means that you don’t have to take “crap” from any man.
Do not allow any man’s disrespect of you to cause you to lose self-respect. Know your qualities, know your value, do not be reduced by anyone.
I’m a firm believer that reconciliation is the result of the union of forgiveness and repentance. Be willing to forgive, but know that true reconciliation can only occur when he truly repents. Look for fruit, meet for repentance.
When all this is said and done, there is the relationship with God that must be considered. Our freedom of choice is His gift to us. And even though it gives us the right to choose our preferred way, it doesn’t mean that any choice that we make is RIGHT. There are those who often misunderstand that the defence of ones right to make certain moral choices, does not translate into support of the actual choices that that one does make. For we all must know that we are accountable to God for the use of this particular faculty. So it is good advice to remember that, “There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of death.” Don’t be misled by this idea of freedom; every choice brings a consequence.

Father in Heaven, our desire today is to choose, much like those elders and leaders in Samaria who chose to side with Jehu, to cast our support on Your side in this Great Controversy. We do it, not out of fear of dying, but out of love for You. This we pledge in Jesus’ name, amen.

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