Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Wisdom... "Richdom?"

(This reading is based on Proverbs 3 and is read in accordance with the Revived by His Word initiative of the General Conference of SDAs.)
Proverbs 3 is such a loaded chapter! It so eloquently paints a picture of the virtues of wisdom, while affording on perspective on the possession of worldly goods (rubies, silver and gold) that it establishes wisdom as the real value/riches to be gained. Hence the attempt to play on the word wisdom and call it "Rich'dom." Here are some clearly articulated benefits of wisdom:
1. I'm an sure I could argue from a Jamaican perspective that verses 5 & 6 are the most quoted proverb (often used as a benediction). And why not! With God directing our lives, success is always guaranteed.
2. The Word of God (His law and commandments), the source of wisdom, is the source of health, happiness, and long life - verses 2, 8, 16, 18.
3. Giving to the Lord guarantees sustained supplies - verses 9 & 10
4. Love chastens and corrects; isn't afraid to cause disappointment and tears if in the end it'll produce positive results - verse 12
5. If there were no solution to death, life for the individual, as well as for the human species would be a pointless endeavour. For all we would be left with is the futility and vanity of trying to get rich and famous within the limited time we're each allotted. It is basic wisdom to seek to correct the glitch of death before we die so we'll have adequate time in which to address our other areas of need. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness" (Matt 6: 33); seek wisdom, which "is more precious than rubies," (Prov. 3: 15). In both passages we're assured that "all these things shall be added unto to you," (Matt. 6: 33); "Length of days... riches and honour," (Prov. 3: 16) are the bounties of wisdom.
Thank you Lord for Your willingness to share the benefit of Your divine wisdom with us. We graciously accept it, in Jesus' name, amen.

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