Friday, 24 May 2013

A Certain Discontent with the Wonderful

In business the middle man always represents additional expenses. Hence, the aim is always to go directly to the source where you may access the best possible deals.
In the last chapter of 2 Chronicles we see how clearly between Egypt and Babylon God's people lost their sovereignty, but it didn't seem to distress or alarm them. They were complacent.  So instead of seeking God, they defied Him as they danced to the beat of the nations around.
Laodecia in Revelation 3 was similarly beguiled with a false sense security, because they settled for material prosperity, "I am rich and increased with goods."

Are we today not driven by the worldly standards of measuring success by virtue of how far up the organization we climb, how much money we have, the connections we have? A preoccupation with these make requisite sacrifices for the Kingdom an often laughable notion. We must resist the inferior standard of the world in measuring our worth; we need to break free from this control and manipulation. It's not enough that we're advancing in the secular world (making money, having "powerful friends" and connections, outdoing the competition, etc).  Instead, we should seek direct interface with God; seek His approval.
Lord how do we start a revival when to so many of us, nothing seems wrong; life is wonderful? Please put within each of us a certain discontent that will drive us to seek your face, while resisting the control and manipulation of the devil. Amen.

This reading is based on 2 Chronicles 36.  To read and/or listen to this chapter and read other related blogs please click here.