Monday, 13 May 2013

Hypocrite, I Mean Politician, I Mean… Me?

"And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, but not with a loyal heart."

Herein lies a concise definition of hypocrisy; concerned more about perception, than on being the real deal; preferring to be the shadow, as opposed to being the object; draws attention to self in order to win praise (self-righteous), while zeroing in on the faults of others; will only do what will seemingly redound to one’s advantage (self-serving). Incidentally, this seems to be the definition of the typical politician today as well - as if trained from the script of Amaziah's life.

Amaziah shows that a hypocrite can only pretend for so long; the true colours will come out eventually. So although he took the prophets advice to not work with men from Israel, when he returned from the plunder of Edom, he came back with their idols and worshiped them. Today, there are so many "enlightened ones" who can no longer be contented with the "archaic" ways of the Holy Writ - although it had sustained them up to the point of their enlightenment.  Many a strange fascination will a heart that is not stayed on God find.

Father, please help us not to burn our bridges behind us. Please be the centripetal force that keeps our minds from curious wanderings. Help us not to forget Who brought us through the many tears and sorrows that would have done us in, except that Your Grace and Mercy saw us through. Thank you for Your awesome patience with us wayward souls. Thank you for the apt warning in the passage today. Please reinforce the protection that You have placed around us, even as we reaffirm our resolve to worship only at Your feet; in Jesus' name, amen.

Today’s reading is based on 2 Chronicles 25.  To read and/or listen to 2 Chronicles 25 and read other related blogs please go here.