Friday, 3 May 2013

Right or Wrong; It’s My Choice

As I ponder on the fact that Asa is deemed to have been loyal to God, although the high places were not torn down, I'm led to think about the Garden of Eden. In that perfect setting was the tree of the Knowledge of God and Evil, with its apparently alluring fruit.  Though placed in the midst of the Garden, it was to be ignored. Should we remove the sun because people worship it? The presence of the high places was apparently immaterial to Asa's relationship to God - much like the tree should not have affected Adam and Eve's loyalty to God – except to expose their allegiance to Him.

Because I know the laws by which I'm governed, I don't get perturbed by laws that civil authorities will craft to afford people the right to make certain personal choices. My bone is not with such laws (modern day high places), for they should appropriately protect the rights of the individual. Instead, my bone is with the individual who chooses to ignore a clear thus saith the Lord. Although God told Adam and Eve not to eat of that tree, He left it to them to decide whether or not they would and they chose to eat it. Similarly today there are many things that God has forbidden that many individuals are choosing to ignore. It is the right of each individual to make those choices for themselves, but having been instructed by God about the choices that would be right or wrong, our job is to make God's position known to all.

I love the idea of Eden. I love the idea of righteous living. And although it is my God-given right to choose my own way, by the Grace of God I am determined to choose His way. Please help me Father.

This reading is based on 2 Chronicles 15.  To read or listen to this Scripture passage  please click here.