Friday, 10 May 2013

She-Devil Wife; Mother From Hell

Let's get it clear, there isn't a place called hell, where Satan resides and is in charge.  Hell, as used in this context, is a state of affairs that is characterized by diabolical principles that have their roots in the heart of the Devil.  Every now and then we see people behave in ways that seem to come from a script written by the Devil himself.  It would only require a cursory look at 2 Chronicles 22, and the chapter before that too, to see the horrendous scheming of Satan unfold in the life Athaliah.

In chapter 21 we don't really hear of her, but of her husband Jehoram.  Following the death of Jehoshaphat, Jehoram killed all his brothers who would pose a threat to his throne.  With such a contrast to his father Jehoshaphat, you'd wonder, "where did that come from!"  I'll make one educated guess... Athaliah.

If there were any doubts about this assertion regarding Athaliah, in chapter 21, then in chapter 22, all that doubt is cleared up.  Athaliah is a witch!  She is wicked!  Realizing that her son, whom she advised to do wickedly, was now dead Athaliah went about killing all the royal heirs so she would enjoy unchallenged reign of the kingdom.  Some kind of mother!

With full understanding that there are deviations to this model I will nevertheless declare that the wife one marries will become the mother of his children.  Either way, the influence is the same.  The same is true for the husband who'll become the father.  In the case of Athaliah as wife and mother, the influence was murderous.  Easily from her biography could the phrase be coined, "Murder She Wrote."

The month of May is Child's Month, and this weekend we celebrate Mother's Day.  The time is right for us to reflect on the positive virtues that make for not just good mothers, but good parents.  We must be concerned about the influences we expose our children, understanding how that will impact their future.

In starting a family remember not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, and by the same token, do not be inappropriately yoked with "believers."  The spouse determines the parent.

Today's reading is based on 2 Chronicles 22.  To read and/or listen to this chapter and to read other related blogs, please go here.