Monday, 6 May 2013

Stop! Don't Go There; Shh! Don't Say it

Be Careful Where You Go
"Watch your feet, watch your feet where they go...." Some places are just not worth going; some people are to be written off your social list. You only visit them, being on an expressed mission for the Lord.

Years ago ( I probably shared this story before), on a Sabbath afternoon, I happened to visit with one of my sisters.  She was a former SDA, but had defected to another faith.  Being a social  visit (I had gone with another of my sisters) we just sat around with not much to do.  The sister we visited suggested we played scrabble (an idea I resisted at first - "she should know better!" I thought.).  She kept insisting, saying that nothing was wrong.  And as if possessed by the Devil himself she persisted; It became abundantly clear, I shouldn't have come.  At length, as her bothering persisted, I stupidly gave in.  I couldn't believe she was so insensitive to my beliefs.  But more than the horror with her was the utter disgust with myself for a long time thereafter.  Praise the Lord though, as He  did for Jehoshaphat, He'd forgiven me.  I have however learned my lesson; some places, unless you are clearly led by the Spirit of God, are to be avoided period; and others are about the timing.

Be Careful About What You Say About Yourself
"Watch your lips, watch your lips what they say...." Jehoshaphat was wrong about his declaration to Ahab, “I am as you are, and my people as your people." But because that's what he said about himself the law of self-fulfilling prophecy kicked in; he joined Ahab in ignoring the prophet of the Lord, and even looked like Ahab - being dressed in his garb. What you think and say about yourself becomes your destiny - unless God intervenes. Hallelujah for an intervening God!

How often have we gone into situations with our eyes "wide shut?" God be praised who does not treat us as we deserve, but in His divine Grace comes to our rescue as He had for Jehoshaphat.

"Watch your feet where they go; watch your lips what they say."

The above is based on 2Chronicles 18.  To read and/or listen this Bible passage and read other related blogs please go to.