Wednesday, 8 May 2013

It's Not About Me - Can You Relate?

I have had so many separate experiences in my work life alone where the God of Jehoshaphat has proven to be a prayer answering God for me too; I have a job because of Grace. Now, more than ever before, I realize that I am where I am to glorify God - because He's placed me where I am. I'm here to testify that none of this happened without prayer. As I speak I'm seeing strained relationships being mended with only the remedy of prayer being applied. I've been spared many a pitfall that seemed inevitable - but prayer.
You see somewhere I learned that "before I call, He will answer, and while I'm yet speaking, He will hear," (paraphrase). May I testify that that is true.
I've not been a perfect worker; some curves have proven difficult to negotiate, but I've been shown a lot of unwarranted patience and favour - way beyond the claims of human capacity and ability. I have been divinely favoured. I know that where I am and what I do isn't about me; it's about God.
My pledge and purpose is to shine for Him in ways that will amaze even myself, for I'm a product of Grace. I want wherever I go to be a symbol of Grace; a source of inspiration to everyone who will want to experience my God too.

The above is based on 2 Chronicles 20, read in keeping with the Revived by His Word intiative of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  To read or listen to this passage and read other related blogs please go to this page.