Friday, 5 July 2013

Don’t take it For Granted

Maybe you are one of those persons who got a job right out of college, it could be too that you have been employed for ‘many moons,’ or maybe you are so talented that NCU could not take the risk of not employing you. If I am relating anything close to your story, then maybe because you had no problem with employment, you might not realize what a blessing it is to be gainfully employed.

Maybe you have never stopped a minute to thank God that you receive a pay-check at the end of each month. I can almost read your mind right now, but the amount on your pay slip or how much more you would want it to be is not the matter at hand. The germane point that I want to make is that many persons would give ‘an arm and a leg’ just to be in your position. Seriously! However, the truth is that you are the one whom the Lord has selected for the job, so praise God, for indeed it is a blessing.

Do understand though that with every blessing there is an attendant responsibility that goes with it. As you therefore praise God for the privilege of being chosen to be one of those who ‘SERVE’ at the top of the hill, NCU, here are a few things you should never take for granted:
You work in a Christian environment: Hello somebody, have you ever been employed in a non-Christian organization. Don’t even go there, just know that the best place that any Christian can work, is in a Christian organization.

     You are a role-model: Thank the Lord that He has called you to be a role model, at such a time as this. All who work at NCU are placed in position of leadership. Our main purpose in not to instruct others but to mold young minds after the similitude of Christ’s character. There are many individuals who like to model, and we have no challenge with that for we like to model too. We model Christ. What a privilege! Don’t take it for granted.   
     You are a soldier:  Maybe you are thinking that to be a soldier is not a big deal, but in this case, it is, for you are not an ordinary soldier. Fellow employees, as workers here, you have enlisted in the Lord’s Army. This is not an ordinary position; you are, for your weaponry is servant-leadership. Therefore, as you serve, do so with a smile, and never forget who is giving the marching orders.  
To persist beyond this point would border condescension because I’m certain you have gotten the point: there is just so much to be thankful for.  I invite you then to record for yourself the many things that you should never take for granted; count your blessings; never be ungrateful for God’s blessings; take nothing for granted.

Jacqueline Champier
Behavioural Sciences Department