Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wisdom: Mining the Inexhaustible Mind

If I heard Job 28 read but did not have the opportunity to also hear where it was taken from (or otherwise see it), my guess would have been that it was taken from the Book of Proverbs, or of Ecclesiastes. The influence on Solomon is very clear here. We would be well advised to be similarly instructed.

Wisdom is a timeless principle, a precious ore that has its source in the mind of God. We are tipped by the passage that wisdom isn't something we're born with, but is the outcome of a systematic process of pursuing, processing, and applying knowledge for optimal benefit of all. It is as men mine the earth for its precious metals, but is a process best presided over by God. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." Ps 111: 10.
You also get the very distinct sense from the passage that God somehow wants to lavish us with this wisdom as abundantly as a flowing river. Interestingly however, He doesn't seem to just want to flow it our way, He also wants to help us build dams to contain this... wisdom.

The Bible is this inexhaustible mine of precious gems (knowledge). What we do here on RBHW is mining and processing. What results in our homes, our places of work, our church congregations, our lives generally depends on how effectively this knowledge is applied. Praise the Lord though, we're not on our own; He's with us.

This reading is based on Job 28.  To read and/or listen to Job 28, and to read other related blogs, please click here.