Thursday, 11 July 2013

Instruments Yes, But in Whose Hands?

Bear in Mind; Job's friends don't hate him; they are trying to "help" make peace with God and reverse his suffering. They are speaking the "truth" as they know it, perhaps not in love - but Job wasn't getting it! So they are drawn into this intense debate about truth, and what is really is. And this was seen as critical - if Job was to be helped.

Now, if we were to look behind the scene (further than Scripture spells out in so many words), we'd actually see some puppets on a string as Satan creates the "perfect storm" in Job's life - all to prove God wrong.

But while there's no point in condemning Job's friends, there're lessons (no doubt already mentioned at other times) we can nevertheless learn from this whole encounter:

1. Especially when relating to someone going through a storm, pray more and talk less

2. Regarding ALL "Job's friends" (then and now): know that Satan is real; he uses people. Don't judge them; pray for them.

3. Like a recently planted garden where the shoots of the "wheat and tares" are young and indistinguishable, so often God's people face issues that are common to non-believers as well. Implications? Make no assumptions about why people go through what they do go through.

Father, in our desire to help others as they go through their personal struggles, may we become healing instruments in Your divine hands, and not weapons of torture in the Devil's hands we pray, in Jesus name, amen.
For your listening pleasure, "Lord Make us Instruments of Your Peace."

Today’s reading is based on Job 15.  To read and/or listen to Job 15 and to read other related blogs please click here.