Friday, 26 July 2013

To be Born of Royal Blood

As I puzzle at the global fanfare that this new born British monarch has evoked, I find myself channelled into paths of thought, including the question, “What if I were born into royalty?”  We’ll look at that question later.

But another thing about this new birth affair is how reminiscent of the original edition of the Lion King movie sequel it is. Simba is born to the proud and majestic Mufasa, king of the pride.  Although the plot isn’t quite the same, the eager interest that all the animals living in the pride take in meeting the new  prince seems rivalled by this attention showered on this new British sensation.  The quaint system of British monarchy shuffles yet.

What is it that people find so fascinating about other people’s lives that would generate all this attention?  There is no one simple answer to this question.  There’s a possibility that among the answers is that the perceived lifestyle of monarchs, movie stars and other such people is one to be desired.  So these celebrity individuals somehow capture the imagination of their fans, because in a sense, their fans wish to be in some way like them.  Usually, a story means something to you when you can see yourself in it – whether as an expression of where you are, where you were, or where you desire to be.

Now, if you grew up as a fan of a singer or a movie star chances are you could become a singer or a movie star.  If however you were not born within the royal bloodline… well, you missed it.  And while the remote possibility exists (notwithstanding the great odds against it happening) that a commoner could marry into royalty – even that will remain for the great majority of the world a distant… impossible dream.  That’s the British Monarchy for you.
But wait!  There’s another, even more alluring prospect that is amazingly accessible to everybody.  You see there’s royalty and there is Royalty.  The Royal Family of the universe (the Godhead), unbridled by typical human limitation, has devised a way for anyone who desires to experience a rebirth.  Jesus Christ the Son of the Godhead in conversation with Nicodemus by night confirmed that we can all be born of the Holy Spirit.  As far I know, have royal blood when at least one of your parents is from the royal line.  The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Godhead, so that if one is born by Him, then that one is… royalty.  Are you royalty?