Monday, 22 July 2013

JOB - Way Ahead His Days

Job starts out in this chapter by exposing the obvious disconnect between God and his - who now are some blatantly self-righteous friends, "Which of you in any way, shape, or form, with all of your 'righteousness', and assumed authority, helped out God in creating all of this?" (Summarized). Another implied declaration of Job is, "So even if you were not there, has He even revealed anything to you?" Then in an amazingly nonchalant/a matter factly manner the obviously inspired Job made declarations that were well ahead of his days: 
1. "He hangs the earth on nothing." Verse 7. In terms of objective photographic evidence, it wasn't until just after World War II, October 24, 1946, that we got the first photograph of earth that would come remotely close to confirming that the earth really just hangs out in space. It would not be before October 4, 1957 that the Soviet Union would launch the Sputnik Satellite. This provided what might be deemed the earliest OBJECTIVE evidence of this fact. Aeroplanes would of course provide relative evidence before all that. (, 
2. Not only would Sputnik confirm that the earth hangs on nothing, but it would also provide tangible evidence that the earth was round as well, "He drew a circular horizon on the face of the waters." Verse 10. Of course when I studied the history of Columbus' expeditions to the Caribbean the issue of whether or not the earth was flat, and whether or not one could drop of it's edge did somehow come up. Columbus of course believed the earth was round - a theory that informed how he planned his trips at sea. His relative successes confirmed the theory was correct.
And if we combined all of the wonders of the creative power of God, and all the authority He exerts over his creation (over death even), would together only show " the mere edges of His ways." Verse 14.
And to think that this amazingly powerful God offers Himself to be my personal Guide, Father, and Friend... Wow!
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