Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Ad Infinitum

(This reading is based on Psalm 90 - read in accordance with the Revived by His Word initiative of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.)

"For a thousand years in Your sight are like yesterday when it is past, and like a watch in the night." Ps 90: 4
The impact that spending a thousand dollars will have on me is different from the impact that that spending would have on a billionaire. And then there are billionaires, and there are BILLIONAIRES! It would take going to the top of the food chain, Bill Gates, to get something that comes remotely close to compare the impact that the passing of time has on God versus man. And yet, while a Bill Gates is quantifiable... God isn't. God operates with the currency of eternity and with boundless resources - time and resources ad infinitum.
Devalued Currency 
Man operates with the devalued currency of time and has only accomplished 969 years of continuous living on the earth through the person of Methuselah (Gen 5: 27) - no one has broken the 1000 year mark. And yet for God one thousand years is but yesterday - and then not all of yesterday, but the night part of yesterday. Man's lifespan has been so reduced that (70 years on average - verse 10) to break the 100 mark is considered newsworthy in our day. In the big scheme of things our years are but a sigh (verse 9). And therein lies our big problem - time runs out on us.

The severe shortage of funds makes spending a very guarded thing in my life; I must operate within a micro-managed budget that will allow me to have funds to last until the next pay day.  Time must be similarly managed so it is not entirely expended before we come to the other time cycle; namely to the time when after the first resurrection we will either live eternally or die.  What Good News  that God has a plan to switch our time currency from limited time to the limitless ages of eternity.  But conditions apply....


Lord, thank you for this wonderful plan of Salvation.  I am interested to switch currencies and begin to live as a kingdom child for the limited time I have left here on this earth.  Grant this request according to Your own desire for us we pray, In Jess' name, amen.

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