Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lord, That Our Sons and Daughters

(This reading is based on Psalm 144 that is read  in accordance with the Revived by His Word initiative of the General Conference of SDAs.)
What goes through your mind when a new born baby is placed in your life? If it has come from your own loins then you'd probably first think, "Wow, how cute!" But it shouldn't be long after that before you drift off into thoughts of concern for the well-being of that child - even if you already have plans laid out. There's just no way of knowing for sure the path a child's life will take - they are their own individuals and will make their own choices that will sometimes bring... undesired consequences. Common concerns for a child usually surround matters of health, always having food, clothing, shelter, having access to a sound education, and depending on your own moral values, you're also concerned about their moral choices, and what path their careers will take. You may even reach the point where they get married, and you're concerned with whom and whether or not they'll be happy and have children of their own. You'll also want to know if they'll live forever or will they die the second death.

Having all of the above and so much more to be responsible for can be quite foreboding. But hallelujah, we have a loving heavenly Father who knows how to give good gifts to His children - which we and our children are. We can be confident in this God Who is:
Our Rock - Who provides shelter and support.
Our Trainer - Who prepares us for life's many battles in this great war against evil.
Our source of lovingkindness - always morale building to know you're loved - more so when it is by someone of consequence.
Our Fortress - the One who surrounds us and provides a launching pad for our assaults on the evil that surrounds us.
Our Hightower - the One on whose shoulders we are able to see far into the distant future, where victory is assured.
Our Deliverer - the One who snatches us out of the enemy's hand as we overcome addictions and sins that easily beset us.
Our Shield - the One whom we may hide behind to escape the darts of the devil.
With this knowledge of the great God we may join with David and pray that our sons in their youth be as full-grown trees - firmly anchored in the teachings of YHWH; and our daughters be as corner pillars - sculptured in palace style with the virtues of decency, dignity, decorum. Father, according to Your will, these be our requests, amen.

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