Friday, 6 December 2013

Trouble if You Sleep; Trouble if You Don't

This reading is based on Psalm 121 and is read in accordance with the Revived by His Word initiative of the General Conference of SDAs.

Although researchers can't explain why, they have however confirmed that the lack of sleep can kill - in more ways than one ( I might add). A chronic lack of sleep can lead to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and infections. The lack of sleep can also cause loss of concentration. We know only too well that many devastating motor vehicular accidents have been caused by tired, dormant bodies drifting off into a long overdue bout of sleep. Actually, in a twisted way, sleeping in this context often kills. There's another context in which sleeping will be reliably fatal - if God sleeps. Imagine the field day the devil would have if God wasn't on constant guard!  I am indeed thankful to know that, "He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep." Psalm 121: 4.  

Ah... But Jesus Slept!
There are times when we sleep during some very odd and dangerous times.  I have heard of security guards being caught asleep (sometimes while standing even).  I have heard of students who stayed up all night studying for an exam - only to sleep through the exam (or at least a part of it). I have a nephew who slept through Hurricane Ivan (2004) - only to wake up to discover that he was soaking wet (we lost a few roofing sheets). There was a time when Jesus slept during a storm at sea, and the disciples seemed to have been brought to the very edges of certain death.  In utter bewilderment and doubtless fear they cried out to Jesus, "Carest thou not that we perish?"  How often in the storms of life have we asked that very question (as if God is indeed sleeping)?  The excellent thing about this story is that we have a Triune God.  So even though Jesus, as fully man, slept; we are sure that at least the other two members of the Godhead were still active - not to mention the host of angels.  We're always covered.

Thank you Father for being our keeper.

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