Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Awesome Wonders of God

From the tranquil hills of Manchester we awake from our sleep and hear the melodious sounds of birds chirping, we see the trees dancing in the wind, and we visualize the sun awakening in the sky. A new day has dawned. A day filled with exciting opportunities to seize, new memories to create, and a chance to make a mark in society.

Have you ever stopped and noticed the birds in the sky?  Do you observe how they spread their wings and glide with the wind? Scientists became baffled by this and so the airplane was invented. The Wright brothersconcluded that birds changed its angle with the ends of their wings to make their bodies roll to the right or to the left. From this theory, they decided that it would be a good way for a flying machine to turn just like a bird or like a person riding a bicycle; an experience with which they were thoroughly familiar. As brilliant as their idea was, the intelligence of the Wright brothers is just a portion of the vast knowledge that our God possesses.
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God never seizes to amaze us. He created woman from the rib of man. He orchestrated the wonders of this Earth. Scientists to this day cannot comprehend the wondrous works of God. They have formulated theories and concepts to try to explain the habitual behaviours of plants and animals. It was Charles Darwin whom concocted the theory that all species of life descended from a common ancestry. But never forget that it was God who created man in His image.

Everyday new plants and animal species are found. Man will never seize to fulfil their thirst for knowledge.  From the very beginning of mankind, the discoveries made by our race have shaped our futures forever. We have always wanted to know why things happen, and we have always dared to push the boundaries of the impossible.

Here at Northern Caribbean University we boast accomplishments acquired by the Department of Biology and Chemistry in benefits of drinking sorrel. God has enabled this University to groom its Computer and Information Sciences students to think outside the box. The lecturers from these departments have displayed that their techniques used to mould their students are successful. 

Mikki Clarke