Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Blooming Orchid

I have learnt a very valuable lesson from an orchid and I want to share this lesson with you. You see, once upon a time, I received an orchid as a gift, before the orchid was presented to me I was elated because I always love to see the orchid in bloom. On reaching home with my prized possession, my joy turned to sorrow for a closer inspection of the orchid revealed that it was dying. The leaves were yellowish-brownish, some were dried up and the underside of most of them showed that they were suffering from a terrible disease.

Confession is good for the soul, so I might as well let you know, that when I noticed that the orchid was battling for life, I felt sad and negative emotions ran through my body; I was displeased with the gift and the giver also. To be honest, it was only my love for orchids that prevented me from throwing it out the window. Everyone was sure that within days, the orchid would die, it was rather ugly.

Today, this very morning when I looked out my window, I gasped, my heart skipped a beat; I could only stare in awe, for before my very eyes, I saw the blooming orchid. I just stood there transfixed, admiring the dainty purple flowers, the shiny green leaves, the big fat stems and the healthy looking roots. I shouted for joy, I praised the Lord, and I beckoned to my husband to come and see the blooming orchid.

Maybe today you are not feeling good. Maybe you are feeling like the sick orchid that was presented to me or maybe you are feeling like something to be thrown out the window.  However, whatever you may be going through, please do not give up on yourself, for God has not given up on you. I made a conscious decision to work long hard hours with the orchid. I did all that I could do and I turned the case over to God.

Today, I invite you to give your case to Jesus. Let Him mold you and make you over, let Him take you in His hands and fashion you in His likeness. This same God, who transformed my orchid, is also waiting to transform you too. Remember that it is not His intention for His creation to suffer and His sole purpose is to see His flowers; His children, prospering and doing well. God wants you to thrive in this life. He wants you to grow and do well as you beautify your surroundings like my blooming orchid.  

 Jacqueline Champier