Monday, 26 March 2012

Prayer: The Original Wireless Connection

What is your BB pin? This request has become a worldwide norm, rivalling that of ‘What’s your number?’ and ‘What’s your name on Facebook?’. Research In Motion (RIM), makers of the popular Blackberry smartphone, has boldly taken the world by storm with its global ‘BB appeal’ predominantly because of its blackberry messenger. Blackberry messenger allows its users to communicate in real time throughsending and receiving messages within seconds, build their own network by scanning barcodes, and swap PINs to add BBM friends quickly and easily. Have you ever paused and pondered who invented this idea of communicating wirelessly and what is the original wireless connection?

It was Alexander Graham Bell and  Charles Summer Tainter who invented and patented the photo-phone, a telephone that conducted audio conversations wirelessly, through modulated light beams which are narrow projections of  electromagnetic waves. The photo-phone required a clear line of sight between its transmitter and its receiver. It took several decades before this invention was utilized by the military and fibre-optic communications.

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NCU Associate vice-president of Academic Administration Dr. Vincent Peterkin (left) shares some information with NCU President Dr. Trevor Gardner on his IPad

The original wireless connection is prayer. Prayer is the unrestricted, no strings attached, conversation with God. It is an avenue through which people can solemnly request for help and forgiveness. God desires that we communicate with Him, like a person-to-person phone call. Cell phones and other devices have become a necessity for communication in today’s society; prayer however predates such technology and serves an even grander purpose.
This wireless connection first began in the Garden of Eden. God did not require a blackberry messenger to communicate with Adam and Eve. Nor did he need the internet to speak to Moses. He wirelessly communicated with them without technology. Technology may have bridged the cap across the globe to enable communication, but it can never take the place of just speaking with God.

Communication with God is simple. A few words of thanksgiving, a verse from the bible, or even the chorus of a song can be considered as communication with God. When words cannot be found, tears are a language that he understands. There is no special place to pray. It can be done just about anywhere, anytime, in reverence.
Here at Northern Caribbean University students are encouraged to communicate with God regularly. Communication with God does not require a wireless modem, the internet, or the latest technology. He only requires our time. Take time to Talk to God today; its free of charge.

Mikki Clarke