Thursday, 8 March 2012

My First Time

All eyes were on me. It felt as though I was under a microscope. She stood to my left observing my every move. My hands were shaking, my heart pulsating, I could not even think straight. What was happening? At some point in our lives we all have first experiences. Mastering the art of phlebotomy, enrolling into a new institution, and making a public presentation are just some of the many first experiences of the students at Northern Caribbean University.

Every fall semester medical technology students are required to do the course Orientation to Phlebotomy. Phlebotomy is the act of drawing or removing blood from the circulatory system through a cut (incision) or puncture in order to obtain a sample for analysis and diagnosis. The students are groomed to properly and efficiently collect samples of blood from the antecubital fossa region of the arm. This course introduces second year medical technology students to one of the more exciting branch of medical technology.
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Students at NCU celebrate a first time milestone - file

Every year new students are oriented to the University campus. Many students face several challenges during their orientation to the campus. I believe that this process called registration takes the cake as the most challenging aspect of being a new student. I can recall prior to the introduction of the online registration process, having to walk to different departments on the main campus to get signatures affixed to the procedure sheet. And to think that was the end; it wasn’t. The usual final challenge of registration is getting activated at the Student Finance department. The finance office primarily deals with checking student’s account to verify that the required amount for their tuition is present on the account or to make financial arrangements for the payment of the same.

The courses offered at Northern Caribbean University not only nurture the academic competence of students but it also caters to their ability to communicate effectively. These courses are structured in ways which enable its students to gain experience in making quality written and oral presentations. Oral presentations are just one of the many ways in which information can be disseminated. This experience gained from making oral presentations will broaden the horizon of students which can assist them in the working world. And there is a first time at doing this as well. Often times it is through making oral presentations that some students develop confidence as well as overcome the fear of making public presentations.

Mikki Clarke