Wednesday, 21 March 2012

For the Joy of Service: not for Votes

“And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.” Matthew 20:27

Have we somehow allowed the greed and the hunger for power, as is characteristic of the world ruled by the Devil, to infiltrate the Church and its institutions?  How else then would a debate between contending parties who often berate one another, albeit sometimes in euphemistic terms, in an effort to make themselves appear appealing to the voting masses.  Isn’t this the way of the Devil, “the accuser of the brethren?” Rev. 12:10.

If you are a diligent Bible student then you’d say, ‘Hold up! Didn’t Jesus make efforts to expose the Devil; berate him in John 8: 44?’  And I’d have to say…’Yes.  He did.’   But we must get to the heart of why He did that.  Did he do it for His gain, or for the gain of those who were disenfranchised, being born in sin (Ps. 51: 5); born to die (Rom 6: 23), and having no choice in the matter?  But thank God, by the intervention of Jesus Christ, I now can choose my preferred destiny – whether to live or whether to die.

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Student leaders at NCU - file

The power and authority of Christ was not so challenged as to warrant His coming to earth to recover His losses to the Devil, for He had power sufficient to but speak the word and all His enemies would fall, and every survivor’s will bent to strict obedience to Himself.  He came on a mission to recover lost human beings; to offer us hope and a future. Jer. 29: 11.  And here is the mark of the true leader that Christ is: He came not to be served to but to serve. Matt 20: 28.  Mind you, doubtlessly being accustomed to being in obvious and absolute authority, He was tempted to go for power when he faced the Devil in the wilderness, following His baptism. Matt. 4: 8-10.  But He was certain of whom He was and what He had to offer.  So He stood His ground, and resisted the Devil, who later fled.  

Those who would be deemed great in Heaven are those who, not for the praise of man, nor for the vote of the gullible, would make themselves available for humble use in the service of their fellowmen. Oh for leaders who are more interested to serve than to secure power, and position, fame and fortune; who serve for the joy therein and not for votes.