Thursday, 29 November 2012

Generous NCU Alumni Give $3.2 Million to Students

What hope is there for a fledging economy such as ours in Jamaica?  Certainly a part of that answer must include the average Jamaican citizenry being able to access tertiary education.  Tertiary education is the arming of individuals with the requisite skills to not just become employable, but to create employment for themselves as well as for others.
But what hope does the average Jamaican have in being able to afford tertiary education?  Certainly a part of that answer must include capable philanthropists making scholarships available to bright young Jamaicans who cannot make it on their own – much like what recently took place at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) during its annual Homecoming Weekend (November 22-25, 2012) celebrations.

In a special assembly session on the afternoon of Thursday November 22, 2012, a sum to the tune of $3.2 million was allocated to some 65 students.  These were monies put up by generous alumni of NCU.
“These scholarships will go a far way in assisting needy students at the University to attain a tertiary education," said Dr. Gardner. "We laud treasured alumni such as Dr Byron Robinson, Dr Linvol Henry, and their wives for their generosity during these harsh economic times.” 

The scholarships were awarded to students who earned a GPA of 3.0 or above, have a genuine financial need, work to assist with their tuition fees, and demonstrate leadership skills by being active participants in a school, community or a church-based organization. 

Jeria Levy, a third year student at the University shared with great delight, “I am honoured and relieved that I got this scholarship for now I am a step closer to completing my degree in Computer Science.”

“This act of kindness by our alumni has motivated and encouraged me to give back to others in need. My desire is to assist other students much like this scholarship will assist me,” he added.

Another student, Shadae Dixon said, “It’s wonderful to be a part of a University that has such caring and dedicated alumni. Their continued support helps hundreds of students like me to secure a brighter future; my journey on the road to success continues with hard work and determination.”

At Northern Caribbean University the hope of Jamaica’s rise and for the average Jamaican to become that critical agent of change is being kept alive and realized through its generous alumni.  Your challenge is utilize the help that is available to students, and to become a positive change agent to turn around Jamaica’s fortunes as we strive to accomplish our 2030 “First World” Vision.
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