Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The types of men to avoid

HAVE you ever wondered why a woman will take every precaution before investing in a house or car? Yes, some of us women will ask friends for opinions and will seek expert advice as we try to make intelligent decisions, regarding the object of our obsession.
I agree that the wise thing to do is to seek counsel or guidance before major investments, but why can't women extend the same amount of energy and take every precaution regarding mate selection?
Prevention is still better than cure and if truth be told, there are some men out there -- some 'wolves in sheep's clothing' -- that every woman should know about and should try to avoid. Listed below are some of the men to avoid at all costs.
1. Players: These men are obsessed with the female gender. They will do anything to get intimate with every woman who falls into their traps and as soon as they get what they are after, they are gone like the wind. You can spot these men early because they normally have a one-track mind.
2. Mama's boys: These men seem to be tied to their mama's 'frock tail'. Even after they are married, when mama says jump, they ask her "how high?"
3. Profilers: These men only dress to impress. They are slick and whenever you see them they are immaculately dressed and well put together. But when you check their character, it is as black as midnight, very dirty, and inconsistent with their attire. Avoid them.
4. Naysayers: These men don't believe in you or your abilities. Every time you tell them of your ideas, they tell you that they will not work; they tend to be pessimistic. These types of men are not progressive and they will keep you down. If you are aiming for the stars, these men are definitely not your type.
5. Egotists: These men believe they are rare gold. Everything must be about them and never about you. These men are so much into themselves -- their hair, clothes, face and fingernails -- that they may forget that you even exist.
6. Abusers: Men who are abusers always make bad partners. Whether it is mental, physical or verbal abuse, women must never tolerate it. Women must learn about the early signs of abuse so that they don't get trapped. Once you are caught in an abusive relationship, it is very difficult to get out of it. Some abusers would rather kill you than let you walk free.
7. Users: There are two main types of users -- the type that try to use your body and those who are after your money. Always be on the lookout for these losers, because if they get a chance they will wreck your body and rid you of every penny. Wise up, be aware and alert.
Now don't let this list turn you off, because there are some kind, loving, caring gentlemen out there. Invest wisely, get expert advice and extend all your energies into selecting your man, even more than you would if you were buying a house or a car. Remember, it is not just your cash, but your life that is at stake.
Jacqueline Champier is a counselling psychologist.