Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Why you need that honeymoon

THE honeymoon refers to that period of time after the wedding ceremony when the couple spends time together in a relaxing environment, like at a resort, hotel or a lovely hideaway of choice.
Many people go on a honeymoon with only one thing on their minds: the 'honey'. While it is normal to be anxious for the 'honey' -- having dreamt about it, and longed for it -- while 'honey' is good for you, note that the honeymoon can be beneficial in other ways that you might never have imagined.
Since the honeymoon is so vital, never ever think about putting it off because of financial challenges; to do this would be a grave mistake. If you have to cut back because of low funds, try cutting back on other things. It would be better to invite less people to the wedding or to scale down the reception as much as possible, since the honeymoon is a 'must-go'. Your honeymoon does not have to be the most expensive to be unforgettable. Nothing can take the place of those romantic honeymoon memories, they should last you for a lifetime.
Here are some other reasons why you need that honeymoon:
* The honeymoon has the potential to help you keep those knots tied. This is where you begin to express your love as man and wife and it is also the beginning of your bonding period as a couple.
* During the honeymoon you should see the best sides of each other. When the marriage gets on the way, especially during those early years, things will not always be smooth. However, the love that you shared, the kind words of affection you exchanged, the warm embraces, and the magical moments that you made, should help you to make it through the adjusting years.
* The honeymoon destination is normally remembered by many as a special little haven. You do not have to go there physically each time you long for peace and tranquillity -- you can tuck the experience somewhere in your heart and be transported there through your mind's eye as often as you like. No wonder when couples are experiencing challenges they are usually advised to go on a second honeymoon. Reliving the moments can work wonders for your marriage.
* The honeymoon days will be your first sobering ones after the wedding, since the wedding ceremony and the reception oftentimes pass like a dream. Therefore, rather than rushing into your new roles as husband and wife, you can use these days to cement your plans and ideas and to set the tone for a beautiful marriage.
I implore all newlyweds to go on that honeymoon, to make it the best that it can be and to take as much 'honey' as possible. But above all, when you set up house, try to be as kind, warm and gentle each and every day, like the way you were over on the 'moon'.
Jacqueline Champier is a counselling psychologist from Mandeville.