Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Memories he'll cherish forever

Memories he'll cherish forever

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ISN'T it a great pleasure spending quality time with that special someone, strengthening bonds and building memories that can last a lifetime? Yes, it is always good to create meaningful memories. Sometimes we lose our loved ones, and all that we have to warm our hearts is the wonderful memories they leave behind.
Here are some little things that you can do to build lasting memories and to help the man in your life to cherish your love forever.
*Forgive him for something bad that he has done. From time to time your spouse will make mistakes as he is not perfect. Can you imagine the joy it will bring to his heart to hear you say, "you are forgiven"? Just think about how good it feels when you are forgiven, and the next time he steps out of line and does something bad, do not hold it over his head. Instead, just offer him your forgiveness.
*Invite his friends over. Maybe you do not like it when he spends lots of time lyming with his buddies but instead of getting upset, surprise him one day by inviting some of his friends over. Let them have a good time while you prepare them something very special.
*Tell him he wins an argument. Couples often spend long hours arguing over various issues. Do not always try to have the last word, especially when you do not have a case. Just end the argument by telling him that he wins. He may find it strange, but he will be very pleased with you.
*Buy his mother a present and be kind to her. Regardless of the kind of relationship that you have with his mother, go out of your way sometimes to be extra kind to her. Every man likes it when his wife treats his mother well. Believe me; it can make him love you more.
*Make him breakfast in bed. Slip out of the bed very early one morning and make him his favourite breakfast. Who in the world would not welcome a warm meal early in the morning, moreso when it is served, wrapped up in love?
*Give him a pedicure. Men enjoy having their feet pampered you do not have to be an expert. Even if you just put his feet in the warm water and massage them with your hands, he will still be happy.
*Go to a sporting event with him. It is not about how much you love or hate sports, it is more about the memories that you are creating and the bonds you are building when you attend the events he loves with him.
*Express your feelings in writing. When you want to express the love in your heart, take out your pen and paper and put it in writing. Make sure to use language that will send chills up his spine.
It is okay to be deliberate in creating lasting memories. Cherish every moment you spend together and build a lifetime of loving memories so that your spouse will feel special and the thoughts of you will linger in his heart forever.
Jacqueline Champier is a counselling psychologist.

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